Supporting the Solar Industry


Our Story

A number of years ago back in 2012, a large EPC contractor approached the company that Harvey was working for at the time, asking for a heavy channel for pile mounting tracking systems on. This spurred Harvey to do more research in the solar industry to seek to find out if there was a way that he could develop a more cost effective product that was actually manufactured in Australia. Using his experience of the properties of steel sections, and in-depth knowledge of coating properties, Harvey has and continues to come up with a number of cost effective designs that are easy and quick to install and provide the EPC contractor with more local content.

What Harvey soon realised when he started to study the market more seriously in 2017 with the valued assistance of Anthony Anderson was that most systems have too much adjustment in them, numerous different sections and fasteners which add together to waste time on site due to the time it takes to find each item and then get them together and panels aligned and straight. Harvey then came up with a simple Patented design that has a total of 8 parts, and 2 sizes of bolts to construct the entire solar farm saving time and allowing unskilled labour to be used to assemble the farm.

Due to market segmentation, Solar Mounting Systems specialises in ground mount systems for utility scale projects of anything larger than 200 KW.




With a passion about renewable energy dating back to an young age, and 16 years of experience in the construction and building industry, including 9 years of specialised experience in cold formed metal products, Harvey comes to the solar industry with a wealth of knowledge that is of benefit to the customer. Harvey prides himself in finding the best solution for the Client, meeting all their needs.




With 15 years of sales experience, Simon has been active to create an approach to the sales process as a solutions provider to the customer, seeking to fulfil the customers needs without wasting their time. You will find that Simon will be always ready to discuss your needs, and will build a relationship that is friendly and without pressure or time wasted to give you an outstanding outcome to your needs.



Jon’s enthusiasm and dedication to ensure that you get what you are requesting make him a valued member of the team. With knowledge across the construction industry, with a keen focus on the poultry and pig industry, Jon will also be able to help you with other energy initiatives to assist with your approach to business if you are in these sectors.

Digital Design and Engineering

With over 10 years of CAD Drafting experience Solar Mounting Systems is able to create a model of the system that will work best for you and your needs

Forward Thinking

With dedication to thinking outside the box, Solar Mounting Systems will be working for you to create the best solution for your needs.

Problem Solvers

Come to us with your curly questions and problems, we will seek to give you answers that will work or steer you in the right direction.

Customer Support

Call us any time and we will be willing to answer any questions you may have without any language barrier issues. We are dedicated to providing you the solutions and local service that the industry needs.